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When it All Started

Two great things came-out of 1966.... Firstly, this was the year that I was born into the World. Secondly, we (England) only went & WON the WORLD CUP..!! What a great year this turned out to be eh 🙂



My Very First Job

It was a tough life - being a 12 year-old...!! My parents had their own business, so it was expected that we would "muck-in" as you do (or as you did - or had to!) Well, it didn't hurt me one little bit, I'd say that it helped mould me for the life ahead!



Car Sales

As a (normal) 17 year-old, my passion was Cars & Car Parts. So, to fuel my passion - this is when I first started my role as a Salesman (or is that "boy"?) That was it, me & all the money I could scrape together - buying & selling Cars.



Ryder PLC - Sales Executive

Offered (& accepted) a job with Ryder PLC as a Sales Exec. I was an integral part of the Team who had responsibility for selling their end of contract HGV's. This is where I learnt about the HGV world and Export.



Truck Sales Company

Starting with just three Trucks & two Vans to sell, it wasn't long before I found my niche (& feet), with a (small) turnover in my first year of £40k - which I managed to build into a multi-million pound (p.a) turnover - prior to the 2006 financial crisis.



Vehicle Collection & Inspection

During the "recession" (which started around 2006) there was an opportunity presented to me whereby I launched a Vehicle Collection company. With a reliable team of Commercial Vehicle Drivers - we collected (& delivered) Cars, Vans, Trucks & Equipment throughout the whole of the UK, which then also progressed into Europe. The majority of our work is for Europe's leading Contract Hire Company.



FUELtoGO (Ltd)

Myself (Phil) & Wayne are investing (heavily) in launching the company (Fuel to Go Ltd!) The first additions to our fleet will be two MAN Tractor Units & Trailers, both with on-board pumping facilities. We have additional funding to add to the fleet as & when necessary, along with additional FULLY TRAINED drivers.


Looking for a Competent, Compliant & Reliable supplier to take care of your Bulk Fuel Deliveries? Then why not speak to Phil at FUEL to GO – he’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements & provide you with a Quote!